Strategic Plan 2017-2019

To empower those 60 years and older with the resources and opportunities they need to lead engaged lives.

To be the premier organization in the Central Shenandoah Valley for supporting successful aging in place.

Goal I: Equip persons with the information, referrals, resources and guidance they need to navigate the aging years.

  1. Promote and champion the use of Senior Navigator by consumers and providers as the comprehensive source of information on aging and senior services.  
  2. Serve as the No Wrong Door lead organization for the VPAS service area, including use of Peer Place technology with partner organizations.
  3. Designate specific VPAS employees as Information and Referral Specialists and provide the CIRS-A/D (Certified Information and Referral Specialist in Aging/Disabilities) or comparable training.  
  4. Create easy, centralized access to information and referrals for consumers through the VPAS website and a toll-free telephone number staffed by VPAS Information and Referral Specialists.  
  5. Equip VPAS employees in each region to be able to utilize Senior Navigator and have a working knowledge of resources.

Goal II:  Provide persons with key long term support services they need to age in place.

  1. Establish a set of criteria by which the Board and staff will determine what direct long term support services VPAS will provide.  Criteria may include whether the service fills a gap in the community not filled by other agencies; demand for the service; current utilization rate; cost effectiveness; profitability; value added and quality; history of success in providing the service; ability to address basic needs such as safety, healthcare, nutrition and whether the service assists persons to age in place.  
  2. Assess current and potential VPAS direct services using the established criteria.    
  3. Create and implement a Board approved plan to eliminate, continue, expand, adjust or add services based on assessment results.  Identify VPAS “core” or “signature” services such as in-home services and transportation.

Goal III:  Engage persons in ways that promote meaningful and active aging.

  1. Redefine the role of the senior center by offering “products” for the older consumer desiring day support.  

a.    Focus the congregate meal and program package into a core “product” for older adults that could be branded consistently across VPAS with a unique name.

b.    Develop a line of additional “products” using the senior center or beyond the senior center walls that could be fee for service and may include day trips, IT services, Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs, Matter of Balance Classes.  

      2.  Expand the VPAS target population by offering new “products” for younger, healthier consumers including volunteer and educational opportunities. Products may be developed   collaboratively with non-profit, higher education and business partners.

      3.  Initiate, coordinate and launch programs in each region to help persons plan and prepare for the aging years.  Programs may address legal, financial, medical, mental health, hospice and  insurance issues.  

Goal IV:  Support the mission and stewardship of the organization by executing fundraising and marketing strategies.

  1. Develop and implement a Board approved resource development plan to generate additional unrestricted funds.  Plan outlines the role of the Executive Director and Director of Development and may include an annual solicitation, signature fundraising events, donor cultivation and corporate gifts.
  2. Develop and implement a Board approved marketing plan to create a consistent VPAS brand across the organization.  Plan reflects the new vision, mission and strategic plan of the organization and may include a new logo, guidelines for promoting the VPAS message and impact, creation of unique VPAS products, launch of a new website and use of traditional and social media.  
  3. Establish consistent fundraising and marketing policies and procedures across the organization.  The Board and staff will review of the role of local councils as related to the control of local funds and local fundraising activities and make recommendations to align with organization policies.  
  4. Ensure that Maury River Home Care becomes a self-sustaining operation in FY2017.  Appropriate benchmarks will be established and monitored to measure ongoing success.  
  5. Evaluate the efficacy of developing new business lines by examining the experiences and results of Maury River Home Care.

Approved by the VPAS Board of Directors November 29, 2016