Come In

I took this photo on one of my walks not far from my home.  It’s just an ordinary field that most of us pass by without noticing at all.  But on this walk, this ordinary field was a haven of peace.  I quietly stood there, looking at the colors, at the textures, at the simple lines between crops and the land and sky, and I took deep, deep breaths.  Then, I found myself saying out loud, “Come in blue, blue sky.  Come in rich soil. Come in growing crops. Come in still grass. Come in still earth.”  And as I continued my walk, I continued this mantra with each small beauty I passed.  “Come in sweet bluebird.  Come in little flower.  Come in happy butterfly.  Come in gentle breeze.”  Sometimes as caregivers we become so full of worries and tasks and exhaustion, we don’t have much room for anything else.  Perhaps we could extend some grace and compassion to ourselves by taking a moment, taking a breath and invite what refreshes us… in.  Invite in the small goodnesses and see what new spaces might come to life in you. - Kathy Guisewite Caregiver Outreach Coordinator


Kathy Guisewite is the Caregiver Outreach Coordinator for VPAS. She is also a family caregiver. She oversees the Intergenerational Respite Care Program  (IRCP).  The Intergenerational Respite Care Program is a partnership between VPAS and local college students to provide in-home social respite services for family caregivers and a valuable educational opportunity for students.